Buried Treasure – A Musical Travelogue

Listening Guide

The Works

Spain:  Winner Of The Soccer World Cup
Jose Padilla (1889-1960): El Relicario
Salon Orchestra Schwanen
Georg Huber, Leader

Francisco Tárrega (1852-1909): Recuerdos De La Alhambra (Memories Of The Alhambra)
Sharon Isbin, Guitar

Jon Leifs (1899-1968): Geysir, Op. 51 (1961) (Prelude For Orchestra) and Icelandic Folk Dances, Op. 11 (1929-31)

1. Allegretto

2. Tempo Giusto

3. Allegro Moderato Ed Energico

4. Allegro Vivace

Iceland Symphony Orchestra
Osmo Vänskä, Conductor

Eduardo Fabini (1882-1950): Campo (Field), Symphonic Poem
Moscow Radio Symphony
Huan Protassi, Conductor

Bechara El-Khoury (1957-  ): Poeme Symphonique No. 1Lebanon In Flames”, Op. 14 (1980)
Orchestre Colonne
Pierre Dervaux, Conductor

3 Korean Melodies (Arr. Yoon K. Lee)
1. Gentle Breeze (J. M. Hyun)

2. A Wild Flower (S. T. Kim)

3. Bakyun Waterfall (Traditional)

Salzburg Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra
Yoon K. Lee, Conductor

Willem Pijper: Symphonic Epigrams (1928)
Concertgebouw Orchestra
Hans Vonk, Conductor

Henk Badings: Second Suite Of Dutch Dances (1907)
1. Terschellinger Dans
2. Westfriese Boerendans
3. Drentse Dans
4. Westfriese Dans
5. Rielen
Regional Youth Orchestra Of Netherlands
Ru Sevenhuijsen, Conductor

South Africa:
Mzilikazi Khumalo: Five African Songs (Orch. By Péter Louis Van Dijk)
1. Bantu Be-Africa Hianganani

2. Bawo Thixo Somandia

3. Sizongena Laph’enzini

4. Ingoma Kanstikana

5. Akhala Amaqhude Amabile

National Symphony Orchestra and Chamber Choir Of The South
African Broadcasting Corporation
Richard Cock, Conductor

New Zealand:
Douglas Lilburn: Aotearoa – Overture (1940)
New Zealand Symphony
James Judd, Conductor

John Weinzweig (1913-2006): “Barn Dance” From Red Ear Of Corn
Toronto Philharmonia
Victor Feldbrill, Conductor

Violet Archer: Ten Folk Songs For Four Hands
Book I
1. The Dancing Top (Ah! Si Mon Moine Voulait Danser)
2. Singing Bells (Digue Dondaine)
3. In The Woods (Ah! Qui Me Passera Le Bois?)
4. Gay Is The Rose (Gail On La, Gai Le Rosier)
5. Music Everywhere (Dans Tous Les Cantons)
Book II
6. Pirate Song
7. Paul Jones
8. Eskimo Prayer
9. Cherry Tree Carol
10. The Frog And The Mouse

Claude Champagne (1891-1965): Danse Villageoise
Toronto Philharmonia
Victor Feldbrill, Conductor

United States: Robert Russell Bennett (1894-1981): Suite Of Old American Dances
Eastman Wind Ensemble
Frederick Fennell, Conductor

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