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Buried Treasure: Norway pt. 1

Listening Guide

The Works

Sonata No. 21

Sonata A Tre in A


Concerto in A

Symphony in A

Arietta with 50 variations

Four Canons


Minuet in Ab

Spring Dance


Adagio in e

In A Lonely Moment


Visit To A Summer Farm

Skizze I in F

Skizze III in Eb

Four Albumsblad in G

Elegie in g

Etude in G

Impromptu in F

Idyl in A

Caprice in D

Berceuse in Db

Selected Norwegian Folk Dances

No. 4: Hildals Halling

No. 6: Dances Springdans

No. 17: Halling

No. 20: Halling

No. 22: Fa’ns Marsch, Fanitullen (Devils March)

No. 25: Vosserul

Selected Norwegian Folk Tunes
No. 2: Ola Glomstulen

No. 5: Marjoren Aa Hans Kompani

No. 7: Baadn-Laat, From Valdres

No. 9: Frieras Af Ungkarn Te Gjenta

No. 13: Kjolstadguten

No. 14: Huldre Aa En Elland

No. 17: Saeterreisen

No. 22: Aa Kjore Vatten Aa Kjore Ve

No. 25: Dalebu Jonsson, From Hitterdal

No. 27: Huldre Lok, From Foldalen

No. 32: Paal Paa Haugen

No. 33: Stev Aa Ola, Ola Min Ejen Onge

No. 35: Stev, From Telemark

E Gjoete Tulla

Skizze IV in d

Tellefson: Piano Concerto No. 2
Allegro Moderato


Finale: Mouvement De Tarantella

Violin Sonata No. 1
Adagio Con Molto Espressivo

Violin Sonata No. 2

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