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Buried Treasure: Wagnerian Singers 30s – 60s, Rheingold pt. 1

Listening Guide

With Lew Smoley and Howard Nevison

Olga Schramm-Tschörner, Anni Konetzni, Emmy Neiendorf

Doris Doe, Stella Andreva, Irra Petina

Erna Berger, Lucine Amara, Hertha Glaz

Dorothea Siebert, Claudia Hoffmann, Sona Cervena

Helen Donath, Edda Moser, Anna Reynolds

Alberich’s Theft
Eduard Habich, Doris Doe, Stella Andreva and Irra Petina

Gustav Neidlinger

Otakar Kraus

Zoltan Kelemen

Friedrich Schorr

Ferdinand Frantz (Elisabeth Höngen, Fricka)

Hans Hotter (Ira Malaniuk)

George London, Elisabeth Schärtel, Fricka

Karin Branzell, Friedrich Schorr

Elisabeth Höngen, Ferdinand Frantz, Wotan

Georgine von Milinkovic, Hans Hotter, Wotan)

Ira Malaniuk, Hans Hotter, Wotan

Kirsten Flagstad, George London, Wotan

Herta Wilfert, Hans Hotter, Towan, Georgine von Milinkovic, Fricka

Elisabeth Grümmer, Ferdinand Frantz, Wotan

Anja Silja, Theo Adam, Wotan, Annelies Burmeister, Fricka

Norman Cordon (Fasolt), Emanuel List (Fafner), Friedrich Schorr (Wotan)

Gottlob Frick (Fasolt), Josef Greindl (Fafner), Ferdinand Frantz (Wotan)

Josef Greindl (Fasolt), Gottlob Frick (Fafner), Ferdinand Frantz (Wotan

Ludwig Weber (Fasolt), Josef Greindl (Fafner), Hans Hotter (Wotan)

Martti Talvela (Fasolt), Kurt Böhme (Fafner), Theo Adam (Wotan)

Walter Kirchhoff
Loge’s Narrative

Golden Apples

Set Svanholm (Margaret Harshaw, Osie Hawkins, Brian Sullivan)
Loge’s Narrative

Golden Apples

Erich Witte (Ira Malaniuk, Fricka, Rudolf Schock, Froh, Josef Metternich, Donner)
Loge’s Narrative

Golden Apples

Ludwig Suthaus (Georgine von Milinkovic, Fricka, Toni Blankenheim, Donner, Josef Traxl, Froh)
Loge’s Narrative

Golden Apples

Wolfgang Windgassen (Annelies Burmeister, Fricka, Gerd Nienstedt, Donner, Hermin Esser, Froh)
Loge’s Narrative

Golden Apples

Gerhard Stolze (Josephine Veasey, Fricka, Robert Kerns, Donner, Donald Grobe, Froh)
Loge’s Narrative

Golden Apples

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