Interview: Jeeyoon Kim

With Lew Smoley, and Jeeyoon Kim

2 Responses to “Interview: Jeeyoon Kim”

  1. Allen Brown Says:

    This was one of the most interesting conversations I heard recently! I enjoyed it very much. Thank you! What an inspiring musician she is!

  2. Cliff Brand Says:

    Hi Lew,

    Really enjoyed this interview, especially Jeeyoon Kim’s performance of the Brahms Intermezzo which has always been a favorite of mine. Her interpretation is much more wild and poetic than others I’ve heard by performers like Rubenstein and Alpin Hong, who tend to keep the inherent passion of the piece under very measured and tight control. While listening I was reminded of a Japanese animated series called “The Forest of Piano” that my wife and I recently viewed in which a competitive group of piano students struggled with the balance between “correct” and “proper” performance of music and the desire to let their own individual voices be heard. Her Grieg was also excellent; quicker but much more exuberant than we usually hear. I’ve never been able to play these two convincingly myself (small hands), but I love hearing them.

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