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Symphony No.2 in C Minor – Second Movement

Listening Guide

The Work

Tempo: Im Tempo des Scherzos; Wild herausfahrend; Langsam, Allegro energico, nicht zu schnell; Kräftig; Mit einem Male etwas wuchtiger; Mit etwas drängendem Charakter; Langsam. Misterioso, etc. (In the tempo of the Scherzo; a wild outburst; slowly; energetically fast, without rushing; powerfully; somewhat weightier; somewhat pressed; slowly, mysteriously etc.)
Key: C minor/major, beginning in B-flat minor over a C-pedal; F minor; B-flat major (choral entry), etc., closing in E-flat major.
Time Signature: 3/8, 4/4, etc.
Form: Expanded Sonata form with chorale concluding section in the form of a recapitulation.

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