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Opera Box: Frau Ohne Schatten

Strauss – Frau Ohne Schatten

3 Responses to “Opera Box: Frau Ohne Schatten”

  1. Floyd Vasquez Says:

    I want to thank Mr. Smoley and Mr. Brown for wonderful, interesting, exciting, informative, enlightening, instructive, and most of all valuable podcasts I thank you this time for the podcast from Opera Box about Die Frau Ohne Schatten. I have listened to this superb podcast three time in full, and other times only sections I needed to repeat. Each time I understand and appreciate better the genius of Richard Straus and Die Frau Ohne Schatten more and more. I have done the same repetitions/study with the podcasts of Magic Flute and also Turandot as well.

    I got so excited by this podcast that I went immediately to the Met calendar; I have made reservations to go hear this fabulous opera in November at the Metropolitan Opera. I would have gone anyway, but now I will be able to enjoy it to the fullest because I will have been very well prepared by your podcast, actually all the podcasts from Opera Box and from all the podcast from your incredibly rich URL.
    You have no idea of just how much you both are appreciated! Please do many more! Please think about having at least some conversations about the Ring des Nibelungen!! I realize that preparing these podasts brings about huge demands on you and your time. May I suggest that even a casual conversation between you two would be enlightening…please consider this, and always, THANK YOU.

  2. David Says:

    Is it possible to pause, mark the spot, and come back later to continue the podcast. Thanks…zinkafan

  3. admin Says:

    Unfortunately it is not possible to pause and come back to it a later point.

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